An interactive narrative fiction inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer's 'Hush'

A localized pandemic has rendered your town unable to speak.

At the same time, strange men have been seen looking into people's windows at night...

Can you survive long enough to figure out what's going on in this place?

10-15 Minutes for completion

For the best experience, please make sure your music is on


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Hi, wow, this was really cool!! I love the atmosphere. The music fit the mood really well, and the way the timing of the text's appearance was staggered really helped to build momentum. Thanks so much for making this!

Thank you so much!! Glad you enjoyed it!

Tim Willers, I like the hovering-effect on interactive text-sections, also the background music sounds cool (bit less creepy yet), while the story of the gameplay and its entering-scene looks recommendable. The colours of texts also appearing nice, especially the appearing text do have a unique way, I would prefer it less fast or with optional "skip"-button if someone wants to see the whole text when waiting for reading just bits of it?

"Quarantine" also fits to the current situation, even the fact of being muted (reference of the game's description lines) caught my attention, the second detail being that this game is available on web than as download and being offered for free, also that it's playable on basilisk-browser.

I guess keep on developing more variety could get text-based game getting more popular, especially because of the flash-player getting removed soon, so many apps won't work I guess and still textbased-typed games would be available because of being independent of additional programs.

I'd adore if specific scenes (when clicking of text) could offer slightly additional audio, e.g. if it's just dubbed as squeaking for doors or including footsteps, quiet whispers, etc.

Really cool and freaky! The town felt so real. I was so keen to find out what happens next it's like I couldn't read it fast enough haha

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it! 


What a cool concept! Love "Hush" and this definitely gave me some of the creeps I got from watching that episode. Fantastic writing, too!

Thanks for making this! :)

Thank you so much! That feedback means a lot! 


I love this game!

Thank you so much! Makes me want to make more stuff in the future and keep on practising!


Have you considered taking donations?  I would gladly pay a few bucks for Speechless.


Oh wow! I hadn't considered it at all, but I think I've just set up a support button if you'd really like to. Thank you so much, that support really makes me want to pursue this further!